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Comenius Partners visited the schools in Hateg and Ianca in May/June and had a great welcome.  At Hateg pupils were waiting to give us a traditional welcome. A boy and girl offered us bread and there is usually a drink too.  They were wearing traditional costume, and others were also dressed in these clothes, mainly to show us. 

We had a tour of classes to meet the staff and pupils. Some introduced themselves or sang a simple song in English. Their English was very good and the older pupils understand well. 

While in school we did activities with the pupils.  The older class tried a Scottish dance, but due to lack of space and large numbers, we didn’t quite have enough time to perfect it, but they did well.  Later the class showed me a Romanian dance that was very similar to the Scottish dance.

The older class sang the Scottish song ‘Everywhere we go’, with a Romanian twist and this went very well.

During our visit to Hateg we received hospitality from the Mayor and we visited the local High School.

Welcome to Romania

Romanian Dance

Everywhere we go!

High School Visit

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