The Comenius Programme focuses on all levels of school education, from pre-school and primary to secondary schools. It is relevant for everyone involved in school education: mainly pupils and teachers but also local authorities, representatives of parents’ associations, non-government organisations, teacher training institutes and universities.

Space Teds’ Adventures Around Europe in Photos

As our project Space Teds’ Adventures Around Europe comes to an end, we have collected a number of photos of activities and visits over the past two years, commemorating our wonderful project and the great time that we have had working together. Pupils, staff and parents have all been involved in […]

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More Videos from Polish Visit

At the end of May we had our final project meeting in Koszalin, Poland. Here are more videos from our visit highlighting some of our activities.         Polish pupils sing the Scottish song ‘Everywhere We Go’    2,285 total views,  1 views today

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Visit to Poland

At the end of May we had our final project meeting in Koszalin, Poland. The welcome was warm and we had a great if not sad final meeting, as the end of our project is in June. Here are some videos from our visit highlighting some of our activities.   […]

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Bulgarians Sing a Scottish Song

During our visit teachers work with pupils in various activities.  I usually try to get the class to do a Scottish dance called the ‘Gay Gordons’ and a song called ‘Everywhere We Go’.  The dance has been a challenge for most pupils, and until now only the Greeks had managed it […]

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Visit to Bulgaria

Here is a flavour of some of the activities pupils and staff were involved in during our visit to Dimitar Blagoev Primary. On the last day I had a great discussion with these boys, (who speak excellent English) about sport, jobs, history and all sorts, as they told me all […]

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Welcome to Dimitar Blagoev Primary, Bulgaria

Our second last meeting of our project was held at Dimitar Blagoev Primary, Bulgaria, where we received a great welcome. Pupils and staff had prepared activities and a wonderful reception for pupils and teachers visiting from across Europe. Here is just the beginning of the welcome show that pupils prepared for […]

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