Burke and Hare – a Scottish Musical Story 1

The Burke and Hare murders or West Port murders were a series of murders committed in Edinburgh, Scotland over a period of about ten months in 1828.

The killings were attributed to Irish immigrants William Burke and William Hare, who sold the corpses of their 16 victims to Doctor Robert Knox as dissection material for his well-attended anatomy lectures.

Burke and Hare’s accomplices were Burke’s mistress, Helen McDougal, and Hare’s wife, Margaret Laird.  

Primary 3-7 pupils enjoyed making this gruesome musical production about the infamous two murderers, with Charades Theatre Company.

We hope that you enjoy the story.

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One thought on “Burke and Hare – a Scottish Musical Story

  • Tatyana Raykova

    Great job, guys! A wonderful performance, excellent singing and acting. We thouroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations to all the talented young actors who were involved! Can’t wait to watch it together with our students in September, no doubt they will be fascinated by this frightful musical story.
    Bulgarian team