Let´s play marbles !

Let´s play marbles!


1. Make a hole (7 – 10cm wide) in the ground and draw a line in the ground around 7 meters from a hole. (If  you play the game with small children it can be nearer.)

2. Two players take the same number of marbles and stand behind the line.


3. They throw all the marbles towards the hole.


4. The player who has his marble in the hole, or nearest to the hole, starts.


5. Now they start flicking the marbles which are around the hole one by one.

20140514_122117                                               20140514_122123

6. The aim is to get all the marbles into the hole.

7. When the player misses the hole, he takes marbles from the hole and the next player continues.

8. When the last marble is flicked into the hole it´s the end of the game.

9. The player, who has more marbles, wins.


We hope you will have great fun!

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